Sunday, March 02, 2008

SNL - We Had To Endure Hillary, But Then Came The Obama Files

Last evening, on 'Saturday Night Live' they, yes, surprise, opened with another Hillary-Obama debate sketch.

This was followed by an "Editorial Response" from the 3AM Gal herself; After a rather stilted minute or so, bantering with similar-clothed Amy Poehler, she got to shout out the trademark opening phrase.

(Okay, they had to play on the volcanic publicity generated from the first skit last week, but it's now time to move on.)

What did work, and was hysterically funny, was Robert Smigel's TV Funhouse cartoon, 'The Obama Files'

In it, he has Obama distancing himself away from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, sending them off on study missions to non-existent countries, and more ...

It is raucously funny and The Raw Story has the video of it (it has already been removed for YouTube).

Check it out!


(If it ends up not there, you can go to the SNL site here to view it)

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