Sunday, April 27, 2008

What Did You Expect - Jerry Springer!

It seems that Barack Obama's appearance on Fox News Sunday, the Chris Wallace Show, has ruffled feathers far-and-wide today.

There's camps that believe he's a traitor, and vow, now, not to vote for him.

Others, crestfallen that he didn't duke it out.

A pretty wide swath of the pragmatic, that note he did a fine, admirable, even good interview

And, as always, there's the those for whom reality is someplace, anyplace, they are not.

Taylor Marsh does her typical "All Hail Hillary" drone (aka "Everything Hillary says or does is great; Everything Obama says or does sucks")

Ann Althouse goes all Dr. Phil on all the candidates ... And Un Poco Cojones Verde (LGF) lives vicariously, leering with glee at the reactions from those on the Blue side of things ...

You can go out to Memeorandum and wade, ankle, or knee-deep, in all the reactions.

For those of you who either believe he's a traitor, or disappointed he didn't come running on the set, screaming "There Will Be Blood", what the hell did you expect - Jerry Springer!

You want broken chairs and bodies strewn across the stage? Bouncing camera shots of Obama, Wallace and others, heatedly screaming at each other?

The last thing, especially right now, that Obama needs is to have a combative, confrontational Fox News interview, that gets looped to the high heavens (Fox would, likely, launch yet another new network just for that only), so for the next week, all that gets talked about is Obama's combative and confrontational Fox interview?

No, Thank You.

So, he goes Eddie Haskell, smiles at his host, drives his points home, and comes out of there without a ripped shirt.

What's that old newspaper saw - you never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel?

Libby, at Newshoggers, hits it about right, when she says "He's walking a tightrope in this race and while he didn't dazzle with any impressive tricks, he didn't fall off either."

When Obama gets the nomination, he's going to be on Fox News, oh, probably every other minute, and no doubt, they'll be slamming and smearing him.

So, having a edited video clip, of Wallace complimenting, or agreeing with him, that will be something the Obama Camp can have to buttress themselves

Chalk this up to Obama keeping, and acting on, one of his policies - That we should talk to our enemies.

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