Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Wherever McCain goes, Lieberman is sure to show up ..."

Boy, this was good timing.

Nice to see Bill Moyers, unknowingly, endorse The Garlic's latest Garlictorial.

H/T to Nicole Belle, over on Crooks and Liars for her "Bill Moyers Journal: Bombing Iran: Everything Old Is New Again" (Editor's Note: We usually watch Moyers, but it was Game 6 of Celtics-Cleveland, in what turned out to be, as former Celtic great Tommy Heinsohn put it "like watching a root canal" ... Yeah, should have tuned into Moyers ...)

BILL MOYERS: Since then, the talk about bombing Iran has only increased. And the biggest talker of all is the Connecticut hawk, Senator Joe Lieberman. The Democratic candidate for vice president eight years ago has now endorsed Republican senator John McCain for president and become his alter ego on the Middle East. Wherever McCain goes, Lieberman is sure to show up. Earlier this week Lieberman called air strikes against Iran "a distinct possibility," and on Wednesday he and talk show host Bill Bennett coupled their banter about Hillary Clinton with some hopeful praise for her own hawkish policies toward Iran.

Are you listening Senator, and Majority Leader, Harry Reid?

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