Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Things About Vetting Sarah Palin In One Day

  9.  McCain insists hearing Palin say, to his satisfaction, "We are all Georgians", over-and-over

  8.  Stench of the moose hanging around grosses out everyone

  7.  Since it would be a dealbreaker, Palin advised in vetting that she's never been involved in an Exorcism

  6.  McCain, being the "bad boy" annoys Steve Schmidt, shooting spitballs onto his bald head

  5.  Lost time, as McCain constantly interrupting vetting to to tell POW stories

  4.  Staff impressed Palin wasn't confused about about the Iraq-Pakistan Border

  3.  During the vetting, Meghan McCain knocks off another children's book, on Sarah Palin

  2.  Phil Gramm crashes the vetting, badgering Palin, asking if she's a whiner

  1.  Hours wasted, with staff standing around, watching as McCain attempts to the computer

Bonus McCain Palin Riffs

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