Tuesday, October 21, 2008

She's Not A Hockey Mom with Lipstick ... She's Clothes Horse!

There is a running joke in the movie, "Save The Tiger", where people keep saying to Jack Lemmon's character, Harry Stoner, "Nice suit!"

In the 2008 Presidential Campaign, there is a running joke, also wearing nice suits.

Mommy Moose... The Wasilla Whiz Kid ... Sarah "Pro-America" Palin!

The Hockey Mom in couture!

From Jeanne Cummings, in the Politico;

According to financial disclosure records, the accessorizing began in early September and included bills from Saks Fifth Avenue in St. Louis and New York for a combined $49,425.74.

The records also document a couple of big-time shopping trips to Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis, including one $75,062.63 spree in early September.

The RNC also spent $4,716.49 on hair and makeup through September after reporting no such costs in August.
Holy Cow!

Is this the reform those two mavericks have in mind - a better dressed, but, albiet, poorer Pro-America?

Why settle for Obama's "socialism"", when you can get the parties stuffed suits to provide your wardrobe.

From Larisa Alexandrovna's "Marie Antoinette goes to Washington...";
I have to admit that I have never lived in a small American town with "real-American" values, so I don't know if there is a Saks Fifth Avenue of every corner so that "Joe the Plumber's" wife can outfit herself in the latest couture styles. No, I have only ever lived in big cities where real-Americans - like me - cannot afford (let alone obtain) $150k worth of clothing and accessories.

Oh Man ... This is too much ...

Matthew DeLong;

The records also show nearly $10,000 paid to Macy’s in Minneapolis, nearly $6,000 to Barney’s and Bloomingdale’s, and $295 to Steiniauf and Stroller, a high-end baby store — even little Trig got in on the action.

On the bright side, even if McCain loses the election, the Palins will still look fabulous.
She's become the American Ninotchka, wide-eyed and heady, over the bright lights of the big city.

And all those clothes!

John Aravosis, over on Americablog, notes that "Sarah Palin spent on clothes in one month what the average American household spends on clothes in 80 years";
Hey, at least she spent less on make-up than McCain did. Maybe McCain could give Palin some beauty tips. And what's next, are they giving Joe the Plumber facials and chest waxes?
What you say - "she spent less on make-up than McCain did?"

No, wait this is really good.

Aravosis points to a Washington Post piece, from Mary Ann Akers;

McCain's American Idol Make-Up Artist Makes Big Bucks
Remember last month when Republican presidential nominee John McCain got made up by the American Idol make-up artist?

Well, it wasn't a one-shot deal. The make-up artist to the wannabe-stars is getting paid beaucoup bucks to make McCain, 72, more telegenic.

Tifanie White, who reportedly has done makeup for the shows "So You Think You Can Dance" and "American Idol," was paid a total of $8,672.55 in September by the McCain-Palin campaign, according to the campaign's latest monthly financial report filed this week with the Federal Election Commission. She was paid $5,583.43 the previous month, records show.
More telegenic?

To steal from Monty Python, McCain wouldn't look more telegenic if you "put four-millions volts through him, 'E's bleedin' demised!"

No wonder they can't run more smear ads, they're blowing their budget on clothes and make-up!

Yessireebob, two, well-dressed, well made-up mavericks, alright ...

Two more weeks, and it's over ... It can't come soon enough ...

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