Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cheney Fluffer Hayes Blows Into CNN

CNN is slowly becoming Fox, but with out the blaring, cacophonous, over-the-top, kirons.

At least, as far as their "Best Political Team on Television", which Wolf Blitzer is under contract to breathlessly shout out, every two-minutes, goes.

And that's both on, and off, air.

You can be sitting in a restaurant with Wolf, and, bang, every two-minutes, he's going to stand up and belt out "The Best Political Team in Television!"

Yesterday, news, with a bullet, came out, that CNN is adding official Dick Cheney Fluffer, Stephen Hayes, to their "Best Political Team on Television.

Yes, that Stephen Hayes, the one John Amato, of Crooks and Liars, pegged as "Cheney's Karen Hughes" (you remember her, our first and only National Tupperware Lady), one of the bigger Flying Monkeys, perched over at the Weekly Standard, the heavy duty water carrier for the Bush Grindhouse".

And, about that "Best Political Team on Television" ...

Steve Benen nails it pretty good;

But let's also consider this announcement in the broader context, and note the other most recent additions to the self-described "best political team on television."

The latest CNN team members include David Brody (conservative employee of radical TV preacher Pat Robertson), Alex Castellanos (conservative Republican), Tara Wall (of the conservative Washington Times), and Frances Fragos Townsend (Republican best known for misleading the media on a regular basis while working for a conservative Republican president). They joined J.C. Watts (conservative Republican) and William Bennett (conservative Republican) as part of CNN's political coverage.
There's a real kaleidoscope of American Politics, heh?

That's a good strategy there, CNN.

Keep adding the Flying Monkeys, peel off those Faux News viewers.

Perhaps, with the addition of Fluffer Hayes, you'll have to recalibrate Wolf, to bellow his "Best Political Team of Television" every one-minute, now ...

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