Thursday, November 06, 2008

Joe ... You're Nothing To Us Now!

The Godfather Part 2 - Michael & Fredo Corleone

Now, I am not suggesting, by using the above-video referencem if what happens to those that turn against their own, that Harry Reid, or the Sargent-at-Arms, should take McKKKain's Mini-Me (aka Senator Joe Lieberman, R-I, CT) out fishing anytime soon, however, he does need to be buried, deep, within the Democratic Caucus somewhere.

Lots of political drama today, up on the Hill, with the big meeting between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Party-Joltin' Joe.

From Lieberman Meets With Reid, Tries To Cling To Senate Chairmanship

Immediately after his meeting with Reid, Lieberman told reporters that he had not made a decision about his future in the caucus, and appeared to launch his first public appeal to members of the Democratic steering committee, whose members decide committee chair assignments.

"I completely agree with President-elect Obama that we must now unite to get our economy going again and to keep the American people safe. that is exactly what I intend to do with my colleagues here in the Senate in support of our new president, and those are the standards I will use in considering the options that I have before me," Lieberman told reporters.
Here's the video of it.

What an asshole!

After spending the summer stumping with the Dead Campaign Express, Mommy Moose (and also some down-ticket Republican races), jumping in on all the lying and smearing, and he now wants to hide behind Obama?

Along with his Fredo-like qualities, he also is acting exactly like any one of the Bush Grindhouse deadbeats, avoiding taking responsibility for his own actions, obfuscating his position of campaigning against the Democrats by now embracing the new order.

Jesus, he spoke at the Republican National Convention!

You don't do that!

However much he wanted to support his buddy, Stumblin' Bumblin' John McKKKain, you don't go out and speak at the oppositions keg party.

Those are staged and reserved solely for tooting your own party's horn, strutting your party's positions, and demonizing the opposing party.

It's almost as if the debunked Mavericks' poor judgment is contagious

And he didn't stop there.

Just last week, he openly dissed his colleagues in the Dem caucus, spewing, just like all the other Flying Monkeys, the RNC Talking Points.

Lieberman: ‘I Fear’ That ‘America Will Not Survive’ If Democrats Get 60 Senate Seats

Today, in an interview with right-wing radio host Glenn Beck, Lieberman made clear that he firmly opposes Democrats gaining 60 seats in the Senate, saying that the survival of the country is in doubt if Democrats break the filibuster threshold:

BECK: But do you agree that Senator Hatch said to me that if we don’t at least have the firewall of the filibuster in the Senate that in many ways America will not survive?

LIEBERMAN: Well, I hope it’s not like that, but I fear.
Then, he added;
LIEBERMAN: And I think the filibuster is the key. You know, it gets a bad name, but it was really put there, a 60-vote requirement, to, as somebody said to me when I first came to the Senate, stop the passions of a moment among the people of America from sweeping across the Congress, the House, through the Senate, to a like-minded President and having us do things that will change America for a long time. So the filibuster is one of the important protections we have.
Who's that "we" you're talking about there, Mini-Me?

So, what to do with Mr. Finger-in-the-Wind?

The consensus is that Reid and the Dems will strip Mini-Me of his chairmanship, and downgrade him to some sub-committee of nothingness.

I would like to suggest to Senator Reid, that it be on the level of washing dishes, scrubbing pots and pans, cleaning toilets.

Party-Joltin' Joe has, pretty much, made his own bed here.

No doubt, the GOP side of aisle will be sweet-talking him, and out of forced angry, and insincere outrage, he may bolt over.

But Jane Hamsher has that angle covered;
Joe now goes to see if he can get a better deal from the GOP, knowing his chances of winning in Connecticut as a Republican in 2012 are about "zero."

Maybe, if you ask them nice, Joe, they'll let you sit next to the Stumblin' Fly Boy when the Senate is in-session.

However, just in case, learn to say the "Hail Mary", it brought Fredo good luck every time ...

Well ... All but once.

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