Saturday, April 18, 2009

Consider This A Public Service

And, in more that 140 characters.

It's a Twitter-Kind-of-World these days.

You can't watch a news program (cable, or other) without being badgered to go to Blathering Anchor #1, or Sad Sack Sidekick #2's Twitter, to catch their self-promoting dribble.

And, now, the education pitches start, so you can be cool, and have proper etiquette out on Twitter ... You know, play nice in the sandbox with the other Twits ...

That brings us to Sean Ludwig, over on, and his recent post, "Top 13 Twitter Don'ts"

If you're one of those new users, you may be baffled by Twitter's peculiar culture, or nervous that you'll commit some kind of microblogging faux pas.

Don't worry, we're here to help. While there aren't specific rules for how to use Twitter, avoiding these 13 Don'ts will help you fit right in—and may even gain you some adoring new followers.
Yeah, with blogging, it all about "links", and, now, with Twitter, it's all about "followers".

If you don't have eight-hundred-gillion followers, well, you're just in Loserville.

You can go over to Ludwig's post to read the all 13, but there was one that stood out;
13. Don't tweet your bathroom habits. Seriously. Just don't do it
I'm not sure this one needed to be articulated, yet, I suppose, for the 1% of users that may be inclined to think that such a tweet would be interesting, I guess it needed to be stated ...

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