Sunday, May 31, 2009

Top Ten Cloves: Possible Reason LeGone James Blew Off Media After Losing To Orlando Magic

News Item: Whine of the Week

10. Since his teammates didn't support him in the games, he wasn't going to support them in the post-game

9. He didn't talk to the media after some big games in high school, so, like, what's the big deal, man?

8. Was still upset, the day after, about Jay Leno leaving the 'Tonight Show'

7. He talked to the media after he hit that game-winning three-pointer, isn't that enough?

6. Like his favorite reading, Lex Luthor never hung around and congratulated Superman

5. Since he thinks he's the best player, better then Kobe Bryant, he had to elevate his sulking to be better than Bryant in all areas of the game

4. Practicing for possible endorsement of retro "I Want My Maypo" commercial campaign

3. He only prepared remarks for if he had won the game, and they all had references to Game 7

2. He didn't score 40, or more, points, and he will only talk to media when he scores 40, or more, points

1. Coincidentally, at the same time game ended, James learned that Susan Boyle didn't win the Britain's Got Talent crown, and just had to be alone for awhile

Bonus LeGone James/Cleveland Cadaverliers Riffs

Orlando Does It!

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Jodie Valade/Plain Dealer Reporter: James leaves Orlando defeated, speechless

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