Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poll Confirms Republicans Stupid, Ignorant Dolts

Jesus, we may go bankrupt if we have to hand out this much Ignorant Dolt hardware.

Greg Sargent has the results of a poll taken, that has the PartyofNoicans believing Faux News is "reliable";

The poll finds that among GOPers, 24% think Fox is “extremely reliable,” and 41% think Fox is “reliable.” That’s a total of 65% of Republicans who see Fox as reliable or very much so.


Even more interesting, perhaps, is how many Republicans only get their info from Fox, as compared to the other cable networks. A surprising 74% of GOPers “never” watch CNN, and an even higher amount, 89%, never watch MSNBC.
Reliable as in relationship to what?

That the moon is made of cheese, and inhabited by little green men?

Here's the full poll

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