Friday, May 14, 2010

The Image of You

Sorry, Garlic Fans, for your absence the past few days.

We ran into a buzz saw of activity, on the homefront.

And, additionally, we have been on the DL, having injured our shoulder (Rotator Cuff issue, at the moment, with a slate of PT on the schedule, the days and weeks ahead), so we just didn't get to spend much time at the ol' computer.

We are aiming to resume posting this weekend.

Which puts a bit of pressure on us.

What music do we leave you with, something to make up for the lack of posting, something that will have you sit up, and say WOW!

For that we tap Scott Jarrett, younger brother of Jazz legend Keith Jarrett, and a monster, monster ballad.

Sit back and enjoy!

Scott Jarrett - The Image of You

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