Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Kagan!

Now, doesn't that have a ring of a summer replacement television show?

It's Kagan!

Quick, pull up the promo of a short, lets say, rounded, Elena Kagan, bouncing around, crazy-like, having mishaps, bumping into people, running in-and-out of an apartment, having forgotten something.

From the promo, we'll know it's going to be a zany comedy.

Well, it almost played out that way, with Cable going wall-to-wall with "It's Kagan", giving them an opportunity to ignore the disaster of the oil spill for the day (and likely, many more).

Jeffrey Toobin penned a post that he hangs, and hung, out with her.

They've already started, with slamming Kagan, for agreeing with something Thurgood Marshall said, which is pointed out they used the same, weak-ass fart, against Obama.

The Left has questions, with, at least, one push-back

A few more, Digby and Stephanie Mencimer, go with the inexperience angle, of Elana Who?

While Glenn Greenwald stands against her.

If nothing comes up that bashes her, expect someone - The PartyofNoicans, or Faux News, perhaps one of the many Flying Monkeys of the Right Wing Freak Show - will start a whisper campaign, a post with lots of question marks, on whether or not Elena Kagen is a lesbian.

Andrew Sullivan is already calling for Kagan to come out of the closet (if she is encased in one), while Digby cautions him to "Don't Go There", with Ta-Nehisi Coates needs a "Talk to Me Like I'm Stupid" about it all, and on-cue, some Flying Monkeys are trying to rally the troops with "The stakes are too high. Social conservatives must rise up as one and say no lesbian is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.?"

If you want to hit the Tivo, and bypass all that, you can go to Tom Goldstein, from the Scotusblog, who is a-man-with-plan, laying out almost all you need to read about Elena Kagan;

It’s Kagan

9750 Words on Elena Kagan ...More than you ever wanted to know

Where We Go From Here ...Process and substance in a Kagan nomination

And it's only Day One.

You can check out Memeorandum to stay on-top of the minutia

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