Monday, February 28, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: People Who Wish This Year Was A Leap Year

10. Condeleeza Rice - An extra day to visit more army bases in her dominatrix outfit

9. David Spade - How about a Leap No?

8. Bernie Ebbers - Has more time to cram for what else he forgot or didn't do at WorldCom

7. Dan Rather - Will use the time to get to the bottom of this Bush National Guard business

6. Jennifer Lopez - She could ask a fourth man to marry her

5. Microsoft - Will …. Wait a minute … Oh God, a new Leap Year Virus!

4. Howard Stern - What better day to have Stuttering John interview two semi-naked adults dressed like Valentine cherubs?

3. Paris Hilton - Can claim she lost her laptop; Has files of photos of herself semi-naked and playing as a Valentine cherub

2. Debut of new TV Shows: CBS - CSI: Leap Year! … NBC - Law and Order: Leap Year

1. Hundreds of Major League Baseball Players - Extra day to drink cranberry juice in effort to flush steroids from their systems

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