Friday, February 25, 2005

Cardinals Stymied, Looking For A New Signal

Yesterday hospitalization, and tracheotomy operation of Pope John Paul II, and his seemingly deteriorating health, puts a great deal of pressure on the College of Cardinals and a long-standing tradition.

The select group of eminences have the responsibility, upon the resignation or death of the ruling pontiff, to make the selection of a new Pope and have, in long, historic standing, signaled their decisions with puffs of white smoke.

When the time comes, the Cardinals will have to abide by the Vatican law, since 2001, of No Smoking.

"This is a problem", offered on Vatican spokesperson. 'The Cardinal's are aware of it and have had great consternation over what to do".

The Vatican, in 2001, followed the new laws enacted in civilian Italy and instituted a No Smoking policy throughtout the Vatican.

"Right now, if necessary", continued the spokesperson, "if we have to do something, we'll probably send out a press release and a few emails".

Suede Magazine Shutting Down

Suede Magazine, the much ballyhood, multicultural fashion magazine, published by Essence Communications Partners division of Time Inc., is closing down and ceasing publication. Launched in 2004, Suede Magazine was to be a chic, Vogue-style magazine, geared towards African-Americans.

The company, in its' release positioned the shutdown as a 'hiatus'

A fashion industry indsider offered a different view

"Water stains. That's what did them in … I mean, God, everyone knows what water does to suede"

MTV Launches In Africa

Citing a huge potential market, as well as giving local musicians the exposure to spring onto the International stage, MTV offically launched MTV Base in Johnannesburg, South Africa.

While it took artists such as Miriam Makeba and Ladysmith Black Mambazo decades to reach audiences outside of Africa, MTV Base could give contemporary artists a springboard to other MTV channels and, in the process, exposure to audiences in Europe and the United States.

MTV Networks International President Bill Roedy indicated, in a press conference these artists may be incorporate into the 43+ channels MTV operates and, when pressed, admitted that 78% of his U.S. audience "couldn't point to Africa on a map"

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