Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Alternatives To Guantanamo That Bush Administration Are Considering

10. Put them in Cheney's secret bunker when he's not using it

9. Defense Dept. - Use detainees to deliver bad news to Rumsfeld; Might be enough of them to last a year

8. Put the detainees, as a retro, throwback, in chain-gangs down in the South

7. Make them feel like prisoners and have them make international license plates

6. There's enough prisoners for everyone in Congress to bring home as a house servant

5. Cleveland - Nobody will notice or care

4. Add them to the Clear Skies Act and put them in Alaska - Someone is going to have to cut down all those trees

3. Could house them in Colorado Springs and train them for dance aerobics for the next Olympic Games

2. Turn Gitmo into a Reality TV show so U.S. Military can generate revenue with product placements

1. Immigration - Line them up along the border for a Red Rover Game; Any Mexican that breaks through can stay in the country

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