Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Other British Memo Comments on Bush Administration Strategies

10. Said there'll be "hell to pay" if they nominate Bolton to the U.N.

9. Suggested to Bush to "dump Powell - he's not a team player"

8. Listed where all the good art works were in Baghdad for the U.S. to grab before they were pillaged by someone else

7. Asked Bush to "get a handle" on Rumsfeld, that he scares people

6. Bush should take up bicycle riding as a means of "plausible deniability"

5. Believed Military could abuse prisoners, deny it and "blame it on a major U.S. media publication"

4. If any of the memos get leaked, blur the timeline and deny them

3. Recommended using Glen Campbell's music to torture prisoners at Guantanamo

2. Strongly urged a certain Bush Cabinet member to stop sending emails containing Charles & Camilla limericks to Tony Blair

1. Worried Bush team doesn't have enough paid journalists to cover their policies

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