Thursday, June 16, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Possible Plot Lines Of Proposed Jackson Family Reality TV Show

10. Janet and LaToya work on an idea for a Carl's Jr. commercial

9. Liz drops by for lunch - and ends up staying for dinner as well

8. Michael works on his new line of pajamas

7. Family lounges around, watching chimps do the housework

6. Michael, closing the door of his bedroom, takes a call from a "young fan"

5. Family confronts Michael about it being time to become black again

4. Marlon and Jackie, feeling neglected, plan a 'Jackson 2' tour

3. With the case over, for nostalgia, Joe beats the children again

2. Jermaine nervously takes his first-ever ferris-wheel ride at Neverland

1. Tito and Randy help Michael clean out his pornographic collection

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