Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday 20 October 2005

Breaking News!

Senate Panel Digs Deeper Into Miers Questionnaire; "Look's Like President's Handwriting".

Inadequate and Incomplete Answers Spark Investigation; Experts Brought In To Compare Penmanship of Miers, Bush

Shortly after rejecting her judicial questionnaire, the Senate Judiciary Committee called for a special investigation, as a number of Harriet Miers responses appear to be in the handwriting of President Bush.

Senators Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the committee chairman, and Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, the senior Democrat, sent Ms. Miers a letter yesterday, citing a number of answers provided by Ms. Miers as "inadequate," "insufficient" and "insulting."

They called into question what they said were incomplete responses about her legal career, her work in the White House, her potential conflicts on cases involving the administration and the suspension of her license by the District of Columbia Bar.

Upon further review, it became apparent to some of the committee members that the handwriting was different on some of the questions and that it looked familiar. Soon the members were openly saying that it appeared to be the penmanship of President Bush.

The President, who has come under harsh fire and charges of cronyism for selecting Miers as his Supreme Court nominee, has repeatedly stated that Ms. Miers "has the same judicial philosophy" as me and that he "knows her heart" as an attempt to quell the growing dissent - mostly from his own Republican Party and conservative base - against Miers.

Miers, in accepting the nomination, had been serving the President as White House Council. Previously, she had been personal attorney to Bush, and has been closely associated and/or working with him since his days as Governor of Texas.

"At first look," said Committee Chairman Specter, "some of her answers looked like they were taken from Cliff Notes."

Sources close to the Senate tell The Garlic, that as more members of the judiciary committee began reviewing Ms. Miers questionnaire, concern grew, over the answers and, then the apparent difference in the handwriting.

Miers is reported to have once gushed that President Bush "was the most brilliant man she had ever met."

"Between that," said Senator Leahy, "and that the President keeps saying he knows her so well, we have to look at if he helped her with the questionnaire."

Some members of the committee are calling for the investigation to look at the handwriting of Karl Rove, Special Council to the President and, presently, widely speculated to be indicted in the CIA Agent Leak Case.

Rove has come under fire with the Miers nomination for reportedly guaranteeing conservatives, including Focus On Family President James Dobson, the Miers was a solid conservative and could be counted on to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Spector and Leahy both indicated that, if the investigation turns up that the President did provide some of the answers on the questionnaire, while not a criminal act, is a breach of ethics and that the committee would likely disqualify Miers.

"She's going to have to explain the difference in the handwriting." said Specter.

Specter and Leahy would not confirm or deny if the committee has requested handwriting samples from Rove and, surprising, the First Lady, Laura Bush.

The First Lady has emphatically endorsed Miers, and her nomination to the Supreme Court.

The White House sidestepped questions about the Miers questionnaire and if the President assisted Miers and wrote in some of the answers.

"I can assure you," said Scott McClellan, White House Press Secretary, "that the President doesn't use Cliff Notes."

"I don't even carry a pen," shouted President Bush, as reporters pressed him this morning on the reports that he may have written some of Harriet Miers answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee's questionnaire.

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