Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: What Karl Rove May Do If He Is Indicted

10. Inquiry if he can use some of the Hurricane Relief funds for his defense

9. Will make a deal with Fitzgerald and give him damaging info on Frist, DeLay and Libby

8. Hide out in Vice President Cheney's Secret Bunker

7. Start a smear campaign that all the members of the Grand Jury are gay

6. Get a job on Fox News and lambaste the Prosecutor as partisan and a cheap shot artist

5. Buy a new suit for the Medal of Freedom Award ceremony that President Bush will give him

4. Plant a bug in his own West Wing office and charge that Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald was illegally taping him

3. Hire Michael Jackson's attorney; If he got Jacko off, he certainly can get these charges cleared

2. Pursue his longtime secret dream to become a cabaret singer

1. Start working on jury pool; Go on Dr. Phil, crying that he can't help himself from leaking classified information and needs help

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