Monday, November 14, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard At The Federalist Dinner Last Week

10. Hurry up, the Silent Auction is starting and I want to bid on a copy of Libby's indictment

9. If the Senate messes with approving Alito, we're going to start the paperwork of taking Harry Reid's house by Eminent Domain

8. With all the judges in here, you'd think they'd rule on getting better food served at this thing

7. Hey look, Harriet showed up … I wonder if she's qualified to have dinner?

6. Nice touch, putting the Constitution on the napkins

5. Oh My God! Robert Bork's here … I'm going to see if he'll autograph my gavel

4. Look at Rove up there … He looks like he's indicted

3. I heard Dick Cheney's going to show up with some CIA people and give a demonstration on how they torture people

2. I liked it when we had Charlton Heston here… It still gets me … "You'll have to take this gavel from my cold, dead hands …"

1. Did you enter Scalia's contest? Whoever writes the brief overturning Roe v Wade gets an automatic appointment to the Court

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