Monday, January 23, 2006

Editor's Note: Excellent Truthout Perspective

Democrats: Get Up and Walk Out
By William Rivers Pitt
Sunday 22 January 2006

Managing Editor and Senior Writer for, as well as an internationally best-selling author William Rivers Pitt has proposed a dynamic protest for the Democrats during next week's State of the Union Address by our Court-Appointed President, George Bush.

" a predetermined moment, stand up and walk out. No yelling. No heated words. Every Democrat should simply stand silently and leave."

If this doesn't get CNN's William Schneider's "Political Play of the Week", then you know the game is rigged.

Pitt, quoting former Republican Senator Phil Gramm, from 1995, details the Republican agenda to "exterminate" the Democrats and notes the specious attack by the GOP and their talking head puppets of tying Osama bin Laden's latest audio tape to the talking points of Howard Dean and the Democratic Party.

Imagine if Dean, or another moderate or liberal Democratic said that of a Republican? There'd be three-days of burning down buildings and killing first-borns.

With Bush doing his "Clear Skies" thing to the illegal wiretapping (it's now the "terrorist surveillance program") and Karl Rove painting anyone who cleanly opposes and debates the Administration's Iraqi polices as being so "pre-9/11", the GOP is opening up the playbook on how they are going to manipulate the lies, scandals and indictments for the 2006 Congressional elections and point out all the mushrooms clouds building up on our coasts.

"But "three to five years" isn't going to help the GOP win the midterm elections. They need things to be scary, and they need things to be scary now. The same right-wing groups that ginned up the fantasy that Iraq was laden with weapons of mass destruction, and was an imminent threat, are now at work building up a martial froth about Iran. They did this in time for the midterms last time, and are preparing to do it again.

Read the entire article at, then call or email your Senator or Congressman and tell them to read the piece as well - and follow through on Pitt's suggestion;

"Walk outside to the steps of the Capitol Building and hold a Counter-State-of-the-Union. Lay out your plans for a better future. Explain how you will reform the system that spawned Mr. Abramoff. Demand answers and explanations about what is happening in Iraq, what is happening over at the National Security Agency, and why this administration believes itself to be completely above the law."

This would be tremendous, a throw-back, Capraesque moment, in a Congress that would spend two-weeks smearing a poltical-appointed Boy Ranger Jefferson Smith (nee, Jimmy Stewart) as a deranged pedophile, and, being Republicans, probably an embezzler as well.

And, if our Democratic Congressman and Senators do follow Mr. Pitts advice, don't forget to invite him down there, to greet you as you come filing out


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