Monday, January 23, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things That Can Go Wrong For James Carville's New XM Radio Sports Show

10. May have to fire that one production assistant he keeps putting, by mistake, a microphone cover on his head

9. Will piss off the Maintenance Dept, who will have to cart away all those anvils Fox News and the GOP will be sending him

8. After a few good programs, he'll get greedy and want Howard Stern money to continue

7. To beef up ratings, may have to have Robert Novak on and get into a good, old-fashion, CNN Crossfire head butting contest

6. Will have to listen to his partner Luke Russet's father carping about the Buffalo Bills

5. When he has his wife, Mary Matalin on, listeners won't know if it's sound effects or that she's really that depressing

4. Call-In portion of show will fail; Listeners afraid, because of Carville's politics, they'll be wiretapped by President Bush

3. When he gets excited, his accent will be harder to understand on radio, than it is on television

2. Now, with XM's deep pockets, University of Louisiana at Lafayette can finally sue him for using "Ragin' Cajun" as his nickname

1. Will realize too late when he has his friend, Former President Bill Clinton, on, that handballing isn't about sports

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