Thursday, February 16, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Difficulties DC Comics' Batman May Have Fighting Osama bin Laden

10. Batman has to deal with U.N and sign treaties with Middle East countries for rights to flash the "Bat Signal" over their skies

9. Major hurricane will flood Gotham City, causing fight with FEMA to pay for temporary Batcave

8. Likely Donald Rumsfield won't give him body armor either

7. If he sticks to the script, he'll veer off and get bogged down fighting insurgents in Iraq

6. Danish editorial cartoonists start drawing unflattering and insulting images of Batman, causing riots in malls across the world

5. Building coalition of other comics to help him only nets Bazooka Joe and Zippy

4. Running around in tights in the Middle East is going to cause some … well ... personal hygiene problems

3. Sidekick Robin will beat-to-death and overuse the "Holy Mushroom Clouds, Batman" phrase

2. Year into fight, standing on deck of Bat Boat, wearing Bat Flight Suit, Batman, prematurely, cites "Mission Accomplished"

1. Batman's biggest supporter, Commissioner Gordon, accidentally shoots a friend while hunting

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