Friday, February 17, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: White House Reactions To United Nations Call To Close Gitmo

10. Don't those guys know we're only dealing with Cheney this week

9. Who's left on the "Scapegoat List" that we can pin Gitmo on?

8. If we do release them, we do it in Baghdad and put T-Shirts on them with the Mohammad cartoon … Likely that will be that

7. How come the wiretaps didn't pick this up, let us know it was coming?

6. Could merge it into Homeland Security … Chertoff's got that place so screwed up, it would, essentially, be like closing it

5. What the hell are we paying Bolton for! … He's supposed to keep those clowns in line!

4. Easy solution - We can always send Cheney down there, hunting

3. I don't know if Kofi Annans' gay, ask Karl

2. Get Blair to back us up, release a statement or something, that these U.N guys are talking out of their asses

1. Let's pull out the plan to reclassify the Gitmo prisoners as Halliburton employees … That will buy us a few months

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