Monday, February 13, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons White House Delayed News Of VP Cheney's Shooting Of Fellow Hunter

10. Trouble getting everybody needed to make announcement to White House due to the blizzard

9. Needed to confirm if it was an accident or not

8. It was up to President Bush to give wavier, on commenting on any ongoing investigations

7. Had to check with NSA first, to see if there were any recordings of wiretaps on the shooting

6. President needed to wait for DVD of weekend news before commenting on it

5. Hey, don't blame us, it was up to Anne Armstrong to announce

4. Needed time to review, and put a lid on any photos showing President Bush and Anne Armstrong together

3. Had to check and see if there were any angles they could blame either Iran or Syria for the shooting

2. White House lawyers needed to pour over Constitution, to see if Vice President has inherent rights to shoot fellow hunters

1. Didn't want to break into NBC coverage of Michelle Kwan pulling out of Olympics

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