Friday, February 10, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Ways Bush Administration Is Dealing With Danish - Muslim Cartoon Controversy

10. Is this something something FEMA can handle can handle?

9. White House chefs are now serving only toast or bagels with President's breakfast

8. If there's any oil to drill in Denmark, can make a deal to support them

7. Already blamed Iran and Syria … Might as well throw North Korea into it as well

6. Making sure whoever speaks for the Administration on it has the proper college degree

5. Will have the Joint Chiefs of Staff write another "Letter To The Editor"

4. Considering acknowledging Hamas Party, if they can get violent protests to stop

3. More reasons to bolster Domestic Wiretapping Program - Now have to eavesdrop on Danes

2. Can use this controversy to add banning U.S. editorial cartoons into the Patriot Act

1. Put Condi on getting the Muslims and the Danes to agree to place cartoons in the Adult Swim timeslot

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