Monday, April 03, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things About ESPN Televising Dominoes Events

10. Hoping the can pull some of the audience from the Truck Pulling, and Log Rolling programs
9. Because of school budge cutbacks, and the “No Child Left Behind” policy, not sure younger audience will be able to count the dominoes
8. Huge racial debate over to use white dominoes with black dots or black dominoes with white dots
7. Three words, big money – Celebrity Athlete Dominoes!
6. Working on deal, to boost ratings, with WWF, to allow “Designated Slammers”, to slap down dominoes with a flourish
5. Some fear that, after seeing show, U.S. Military at Abu Ghraib will begin using Iraqi prisoners as “human dominoes”
4. Four words, even bigger money - Celebrity Athlete’s Pets Dominoes!
3. May get Regis Philbin to host and set it up that players have “Lifeline”, to call friend for advice on which dominoes to lay down
2. Hard sell – People are used to seeing dominoes, set standing up, in elaborate patterns, to be knocked down with a bell rung or matching lighting at the end
1. Whole new crop of Sports Center commercials to come out of this – Two laconic anchors blowing off newscast to finish game ... Anchor having hard time learning to trash talk in Spanish ... Anchors wearing “dominoes-style suits and preening around ...

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