Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things To Look Forward To When Katie Couric Takes Over As CBS News Anchor

News Item: CBS Prepares to Land a New Anchor

10. New programming – CSI: Katie Couric, Crime Reporter!

9. Lots of George Clooney news features

8. Special “Where In The World Is Katie Couric” for the Sweeps Week

7. With boyfriend being co-owner, exclusive Boston Red Sox highlights

6. The first “A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney”, which will start off with “When I started out, only men delivered the news ...”

5. Changing of CBS logo, adding an eyelash to it

4. A juicy age and sex discrimination lawsuit filed by Bob Schieffer

3. On Fridays, In-Studio segment with Mister Gadget

2. New feud with David Letterman, after he runs “Look What Katie Said This Week” segment

1. Moving CBS News to 7AM-9AM timeslot

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