Friday, April 07, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things White House Will Say To Claim President Didn’t Leak Classified Information

News Item: Leaker-in-Chief?

10. Thought they were discussing classified ads in Washington Post

9. We think this occurred before we ran the Ethics classes, so you can’t really count this one

8. The day VP Cheney came to him, thought he was signing his lunch order

7. You’re kidding, right? Most days, President can’t find the pen on his desk, let alone declassify a document

6. It’s the liberal media again, not reporting on the good things happening in the White House

5. Expanding probe of former aide Claude Allen, that he might have done more then just shoplift

4. Couldn’t have done it when they said it was done; President was talking with Higher Power all day that day

3. If it’s not in Bob Woodward’s book , then it didn’t happen

2. Its all Andy Card’s fault, that’s why we pushed him out

1. As soon as Senator Mitchell finishes his Baseball Steroids Investigation, we’ll hire him to look into this matter

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