Thursday, April 27, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things That Came Out In Karl Rove’s 5th Grand Jury Appearance Yesterday

News Item: Rove Testifies 5th Time On Leak

10. Found a new email – best places around D.C where to find cheap gasoline

9. Remembered that Viveca Novak and Bob Novak is not the same person and wanted to get that on-the-record

8. As part of his new duties, needed to poll the Grand Jury on how many of them want Donald Rumsfeld to resign

7. Just wants to get on good side of Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, so he doesn’t grill him during the Scooter Libby Trial

6. Wanted to make absolutely clear he had nothing to do with the firing of CIA Agent Mary McCarthy; That’s strictly a CIA-Smear deal

5. Admitted he agreed with Keith Hernandez, that woman don’t belong in the dugout

4. Needed to testify, so that new Press Secretary Tony Snow could practice saying “Can’t comment on on-going investigations

3. Pissed off about being demoted and wanted to lay down some dirt on Josh Bolton

2. Tried to make deal with Fitzgerald – For not indicting him, will tell him the date President Bush plans on invading Iran

1. White House has instituted a “Frequent Testimony Program”

Karl Rove testified to the Grand Jury yesterday that he agrees with Keith Hernandez that "woman don't belong in the dugout"

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