Sunday, May 28, 2006

Results for The Garlic's Weekly Poll May 21 - May 27 2006

Well, another week and the most heated voting we’ve had so far ... The results for The Garlic's Weekly Poll May 21 - May 27 2006, asking President Bush’s Numbers Are So Low That ...

1. The NSA will start hacking Gallup, and the others, and manipulate the numbers higher 30%

2. The FBI will likely find Jimmy Hoffa before they get over 35% again 29%

3. Vice President Dick Cheney will go out and shoot another friend in the face, just to get the President’s low numbers off the front page 28%

4. Republican Congressman will start bribing lobbyists, to help them pass the President’s legislation 13%

This week’s Poll - The Attorney General and FBI Director also considered, after quitting, to ...

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