Sunday, May 28, 2006

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 28 May 2006

In Japan, word leaked out this week, that following the lead of the newly announced BabyFirstTV, a new 24/7 channel will be launched - "Baby Sumo TV".

The new reality show will test the giant wrestlers caring skills, in feeding, changing diapers and singing lullabyes

Sources inside the Bush Administration are saying that in the weeks leading up to his announced resignation, Treasury Secretary John Snow grew increasingly irrational and paranoid, often pretending to read reports while spying on his staff

The Fraternal Order of Beefeater Guards, seen here packing for the trip to Arizona, have signed on for Border Patrol duty

Insiders say the ABC newsroom is abuzz since it was announced that Charlie Gibson will take over as anchor of the ABC World News Tonight. Sources tell The Garlic that "Gibson has been losing it" and often "mistakes his microphone for his cell phone"

Since the news hit that Congressmen William Jefferson hid $90,000 in his freezer, production has been ramped up to produce larger freezers capable of holding up to $1-Million

Al Gore declaratively put to rest rumors that he is gearing up for a 2008 Presidential run. Gore, shown here practicing, stated firmly that his major goal is replace Willard Scott as the weatherman on NBC's "Today" program

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