Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons President Bush Sealed Jefferson Records For 45-Days

News Item: Bush Seals Files Seized In FBI Probe Of Jefferson

10. Just discovered that he could order records be sealed and wanted to try it on

9. Wanted time to double check Claude Allen’s freezer and make sure there isn’t $90,000 stuffed inside it

8. Figures 45-Days is enough time to manufacture evidence against other Democrats, so they can derail Mid-Term Election gains

7. Needed some time to slap Bill Frist around, to come out and defend raid of Congressman’s office

6. Gets another shot at tackling First Lady’s To-Do List

5. By about Day 40, we should be invading Iran, so this story gets buried

4. It will take, at least, the 45-days to review the National Security Agency Domestic Surveillance Program’s tapes on the House Republicans, to make sure none of them were involved

3. Needs time to slap House Speaker Dennis Hastert around around, for joining in with Nancy Pelosi on denouncing the raid

2. Gives David Addington time to find that raid encroaches on Presidential Powers

1. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales needs the time to write some legal papers that it will be okay to torture Jefferson

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