Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things White House Will Do To Avoid Adopting Geneva Convention Codes For Detainees

News Item: It's Bush's Way or the Highway on Guantanamo Bay

10. Yeah, right ... Like we’re really going to change the way we’re doing things ...

9. Congressional Hearings? Sure, but we wont participate or give you any documents

8. Let’s say we agree to apply minimum standards, but, we get to say what “minimum” is

7. Forget about the detainees, President looking to put a hurtin’ on whoever leaked out the White House Salaries

6. We can stay hard-line as long as we want – Even John Dean says that whatever we do, our base of conservatives will follow us

5. President Bush too busy trying to figure out who is Robert Novak’s primary source in the Plame Leak

4. The day our embassy in Baghdad can come up with an as upbeat assessment as the President has, we might think about it

3. Promise to not use dogs anymore but we would like to use Zidane, you know, just to give them a little nudge in the chest

2. Concentrating in saving exclusive Army contract for Halliburton

1. Won’t get to it until after Mid-Term elections – Preoccupied with going over list of cities with subways that we can blaringly announce that we’ve broken-up new terrorist plots against them

Once recent compromise offered by the Bush Administration, as to those being held at Guantanamo, was to issue the terrorist detainees Blackberry devices, so they could better track and schedule their mistreatment and abuse

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