Monday, July 10, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Ways White House Will Go About Naming President Bush’s New Diplomacy

News Item: The End of Cowboy Diplomacy

10. Forget about getting Stephen Hawking for a name ... He’s tied up on that human race question

9. We could ask “A penny for your thoughts” except it wouldn’t have any value and actually cost us money for asking for it

8. Maybe bring in those CIA guys for their input ... You know, the ones without jobs because we closed down the Osama bin Laden office

7. President is waiting for the Higher Father to get back to him on it

6. Hold off to see what the PNAC calls it

5. Karl Rove is working on names that will define the President’s agenda and slam and smear the Democrats at the same time

4. Probably will have to wait until after we invade Iran and North Korea and see what the International media calls it

3. Did we get the test results from the viral videos we posted on YouTube yet?

2. See if they can hire away the person that writes those snazzy Fox News slogans and headers

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