Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Minced Garlic - New Keith Olbermann Special Comment - Bush Owes Us An Apology

MSNBC ‘Countdown’ host Keith Olbermann knocked one out of the park again last night, with a Special Comment - again - taking on this country’s “Decider”.

The apology is demanded (and should be demanded by the entire country) out of the speech and press conference our Court Appointed President gave and held last Friday in the Rose Garden.

"Mr. President, former Secretary of State Colin Powell says the world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism," he was asked by a reporter. "If a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former secretary of state feels this way, don't you think that Americans and the rest of the world are beginning to wonder
whether you're following a flawed strategy?"

“If there's any comparison between the compassion and decency of the American people and the terrorist tactics of extremists, it's flawed logic,” Bush said. “It's just -- I simply can't accept that. It's unacceptable to think that there's any kind of comparison between the behavior of the United States of America and the action of Islamic extremists who kill innocent women and children to achieve an objective.

Of course it's acceptable to think that there's "any kind of comparison."

And in this particular debate, it is not only acceptable, it is obviously necessary, even if Mr. Powell never made the comparison in his letter.

Oh, the irony of this man telling us “not to think”, after this same man bragged that he had a “Ek-a-lec-tic” reading list.

The irony, of how after telling us “not to think”, he goes on to, vehemently, demand Congress give him the authority to bypass the Geneva Conventions, to give him the authority to continue to torture suspected terrorists and criminals, or he’ll take his Neocon ball and come home, closing down the CIA interrogation program.

I don’t believe we can construe that the President was telling just Congress “not to think” - they did that long ago.

Here’s hoping that they pick up the call from Olbermann and also demand an apology - either before or after they pass the Detainee Bill that doesn’t authorize torture, that doesn’t bypass the Geneva Conventions. Either before or after they pass a bill that will, ultimately, be just a first step in repairing the damage this Bush Administration has inflicted on the United States of America and the world at-large.

Read, and watch the video, of ‘Bush Owes Us An Apology’ Here

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