Friday, October 20, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Tactic Changes Generals Plan On Telling President Bush He Has To Make In Iraq

News Item: Major Change Expected In Strategy for Iraq War

10. Order NBC hold off on the cuts, bring back “Must-See-TV” and we get, at least, one night of the week to calm things down

9. Lets sweet talk Madonna, or Angelina Jolie into adopting the entire countryand let it all be their problem to deal with

8. Get the Freak Show in gear and just call it “Cut and Consult”

7. Pay off some young Iraqi teenage boys to say that National Assembly members have been sending them inappropriate instant messages and use that, on moral grounds, to leave the country

6. Stage a photo of some Iraqis, with purple fingers and have Lincoln Group put out the story we’ve been voted to leave the country

5. Don’t worry, you can count on Fox News saying it was a victory

4. We put Halliburton in charge of the water for the entire country ... They all get sick and the violence drops off

3. Okay, we lob a Scud missile into Israel, plant claims from the insurgents for it, and then just stand back and watch the Israeli Army mop up the country

2. Now that you’ve signed the Military Commission Act of 2006, let’s reopen Abu Ghraib and really lay it on these yokels

1. Ahhh, Mr. President ... Maybe you should, officially, take Iraq off the Axis of Evil List ... They could be a good first step ...

Will President Bush be "Cutting and Consulting" when it comes to attempting to save his Iraq Policy?

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