Monday, October 30, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things Lynne Cheney Didn’t Get To Tell Wolf Blitzer About Her New Book

News Item: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Calls Out Lynne Cheney For ‘Sniping At My Patriotism’

10. Mrs. Cheney had to disclose to publisher of “Our 50 States: A Family Adventure Across America” that family’s road trip was paid for by convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff

9. Special coupon comes with book, so children can send away for kit to build their very own Secret Bunker

8. To add some drama, when visiting New Orleans page, family in book gets stranded on rooftop for 5-Days before getting rescued

7. With a suggestion from her husband, the Vice President, there is an undisclosed code, by stringing names of cities and states together, that exposes three more covert CIA Agents

6. In the nation’s capital, fun, interactive section, where children can add their own Signing Statements to real laws!

5. Had to waterboard three different illustrators until they found the right one

4. Push a button next to the United Nations Building on New York page and Ambassador John Bolten yells and curses at you

3. To introduce children to politics, Peek-A-Boo window in State of Pennsylvania shows fragging of Congressman John Murtha

2. Inspired by her earlier work “Sisters”, depicted city of San Francisco with steamy lesbian scene

1. On the road trip taking place in the book, one child writes back home, “Dear Grandma, I want to live in Houston, TX - So Daddy can get a job with Halliburton and make millions-of-dollars by getting No-Bid contracts

Bonus Clove: THE SITUATION ROOM - Interview With Lynne Cheney; New al Qaeda Threats

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