Sunday, November 05, 2006

Speaker Pelosi, Best You Make Like A Hockey Player This Week, And Skate With Your Head Up ... The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll

Boy does it seem that the Republicans have a thing about sex? ... If it isn’t a Congressman, or a supportive Evangelist Minister, then it’s the whispers and innuendo...

They’ve already thrown the sexist stuff at her, the comments about “measuring for drapes” ... We anticipate we’ll see a peak - check that - a monsoon of grief hurled at Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, before the final votes are cast on Tuesday ...

Another sizzling (Oops, there we go taunting the GOP again) vote this past week in The Garlic’s Weekly Poll

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll October 29 - November 4 2006

With the campaigns coming down to the final week, and indications showing that the House, at least, will go to the Democrats, and elevating Nancy Pelosi to House Speaker, Pelosi can expect the RNC and GOP to ....

1. Run a new commercial in Tennessee intimating that she shacked up with Harold Ford Jr. Tally 28%

2. Baselessly charge that she supplied illegal drugs to Michael J. Fox for his television commercials Tally 27%

3. Say, that since she comes from San Francisco, it must have been Pelosi that wrote about steamy lesbian scenes, and not Lynne Cheney Tally 23%

3. Conduct a massive, last-minute mailing, warning that, if Pelosi is elected Speaker, she’ll let the terrorists into the country and will force people into Same-Sex Marriages Tally 23%

This week’s Poll - Coming down to the wire, President Bush and his administration will, in all likelihood, spin the guilty verdict of Saddam Hussein in these last two days before the Midterm elections by...

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Two more days to throw the mud around

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