Monday, November 27, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things About The New CIA Personality Test

News Item: CIA Launches Personality Quiz To Recruit New Employees...

10. FBI spreading rumor that CIA On-Line Quiz and recruitment is a ruse to sniff out that Elvis is alive

9. Q. - Discovering that Osama bin Laden was dating Paris Hilton, would that make you more likely or less likely to buy her CD?

8. Some candidates that don’t meet CIA specs are sent over to Homeland Security, to possibly fill their Cyber Security Post

7. That Michael Richards looks to be a promising candidate ... Would be easily trainable to hate and rant against Arabs and Muslims

6. Q. - Do you have a knack for finding missing items? If yes, have you ever found Weapons of Mass Destruction?

5. Operation TomKat running smoothly and, so far, undetected

4. Push to recruit is due to looming deadline, to staff new batch of CIA Black Hole Prisons

3. Agency desperate, under pressure to the code of Karl Rove’s “The Math”

2. Q. - Have you or anyone in your family ever written an Op-Ed essay criticizing President Bush?

1. Q. - President Bush buttons you in a meeting and wants to hear good news. You -

A) Advise the President that is not an area you work in

B) Report that the intelligence gathered doesn’t support his position

C) Say your confused, explaining that Vice President Cheney already has handled it

D) Smile and confidently shout out “Slam Dunk, Mr. President”

The CIA Wants You! - Take The Test

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