Sunday, December 10, 2006

Retro Garlic: Anybody Check The Freezer For Any Loose Ballots?

Well, it plays out that the Honorable Congressman from New Orleans, William Jefferson, lives to sit in another session.

Running away with the Run-Off Election yesterday, Jefferson trounced State Rep. Karen Carter to win his eight term in Congress, all while being under investigation for taking bribes related to contracts in Nigerian telecommunications business (can’t you just feel, if charges are ever brought, a good, lush, logic-defying Nigerian Email Scam defense in the making here?

You remember, don’t you? The deliciously-rich discovery of $90,000 stuffed into his freezer.

Retro Garlic points you to;

Top Ten Cloves: How Freezer and Refrigerator Manufacturers Are Exploiting Congressman Jefferson’s Scandal Situation

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