Sunday, December 10, 2006

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 10 December 2006

Rice In, Rove Out

With reports of a riff between President Bush and White House Advisor Karl Rove, over Rove’s use of “The Math” to miscalculate the 2006 Midterm elections, Rove is now regulated to walking behind the President and is often ignored by President Bush, and other cabinet members.

With President Bush all but ignoring the Iraq Study Group Report, and waiting for suggestions from the Pentagon, as well as internally, from the White House staff, a classified memo leaked indicates the that President Bush is considering employing Indian Snake Charmers to help stem the violence in Iraq.

Due to a government crackdown , the private Bush memo states there are “more then enough snake charmers to cover most of Iraq

As cited by the Iraq Study Group, the poor infrastructure and reconstruction of Iraq, military personnel must ride around, at times, for miles, before they can pick up a signal to make and complete a telephone call

In the Good-Timing Department, Jason Lee, star of hit NBC comedy “My Name Is Earl” announced that the show will adopt the Iraq Study Group Report into the show’s storyline. Lee indicated that they were running out of ideas on how his character could keep making good on past misdeeds and that “the 79 recommendations sure gives us a lot to work with”

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