Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Alberto Gonzales Sings 'Justice For Sale'

Well, if you’re on the Bush Team, the bright side of this is that it's gotten the Walter Reed Scandal off the front pages.

On the downside, for all of us, we peel off another layer of the corruption running rampant with Bush & Co., which, if you haven't been listening carefully, is not a scandal at all, but rather "at the pleasure of the President". If you're one of those eight U.S. Attorneys fired, it surely hasn't been a pleasure for them.

So, we now elevate Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to the status of some of his colleagues, and turn to Cole Porter to provide the AG with his own, new theme song

Alberto Gonzales Sings 'Justice For Sale'

When the only sound from those fired attorneys
is the heavy mumbles of the Democrat lackeys
that blathers on non-stop
I open shop

This AG so long has been gazing down
on the warward ways of this wayward town
her smile becomes a smirk, I go to work

Justice for sale
appetizing young Justice for sale
Justice thats fresh and still unspoiled
Justice thats only slightly soiled
Justice for sale

who will buy
who would like to sample my supply
who's prepared to pay the price
While I turn a blind eye
Justice for sale

let the press pipe of Justice
in their childish ways
I know every type of Justice
better far than they
if you want the thrill of Justice
I've been through the mill of Justice
old Justice
new Justice
every Justice but true Justice

Justice for sale
appetizing young Justice for sale
if you want to buy my wares
follow me to the White House stairs
Justice for sale


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