Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hey, No Whining There Tenet, It Was Your Job, You Silly Twit ... The Results - The Garlic Weekly Poll

Whatever you do, George, don't - repeat - don't pose for Vanity Fair, with your wife, sitting in a convertible Jaguar.

Trust me, as the overwhelming voters of the Garlic Poll did this past week, if your wife happened to be a covert CIA agent, the Bush Grindhouse would have had billboards up by now, and flooded the Sunday morning news shows, and cable programs, with everybody - including Barney - to announce it.

You got'em pissed off there, Georgie Boy, not to mention a whole lot of other people.

You kept your mouth shut when you could have saved lives, but are now blabbering away, pitching the book, in sound bites weighed down by sacks of money.

And you even got the Medal of Freedom, for Christ's sake!

Poor Georgie.

You had tough, gut-wrenching decisions to make ...People don't understand ... Everything was super-duper urgent.

Well, it was your fucking job, you silly twit!

The Director of the CIA doesn't just sit and push pencils around. If you wanted a cushy, easy gig, you should have transferred over to FEMA, or aced out Wolfie for the World Bank job.

And you might as well get used to the "Slam Dunk" thing. That's on you with a big, neon arrow hanging over your head, pointing down at you, wherever you go, whatever you do.

The goat horns are all yours, Georgie, even if they fill War Czar post, which has "Scapegoat, Apply Here" written all over it.

Then, in all likelihood, after a few years, we'll have to deal with that War Czar's book, whining about how tough it was, all the gut-wrenching decisions, et al.

And, for certain, that person's book will drag you back into it, the whole "Slam Dunk" thing, and how you could have saved lives if you had spoken out, and not waited, holding it in, marking "X's" on a calendar until you could hit the big payday.

And don't even think about whining how tough it is to count all that money.

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll April 30 - May 5, 2007

With all their dirty work and scandals bubbling to the surface, the Bush Administration surely must be wishing that former CIA Director George Tenent ...

1. Had a covert, CIA agent wife they could out Tally 49%

2. Took the World Bank job instead of Paul Wolfowitz Tally 20%

3. Worked for the Vice President; Cheney could have let him be convicted instead of Scooter Libby Tally 17%

4. Wrote a book about the Medal of Freedom Tally 14%

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