Monday, May 07, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Potential Problems At White House Dinner Tonight For Queen Elizabeth II

News Item: Queen Elizabeth II Visits White House

10. President brings in Rich Little, unannounced, who does ten-minutes of bad Queen of England jokes and imitations

9. Queen badgers President all evening, to pardon Paris Hilton

8. Too many of the guests are on their Blackberrys, placing their bets on when Wolfowitz resigns

7. Queen in a foul mood, still miffed at getting blown off by Helen Mirren

6. Stephen Hadley goes around all night badgering the Queen, asking if she has anyone she can recommend for War Czar job

5. Prince Philip still hung over from Kentucky Derby parties

4. Queen insist on no photos of her and the President together; Doesn't normally have dinner with world leaders who are below 30% in public approval polls

3. Lynne Cheney gives the Queen some advice, in case he interviews her, on how to deal with CNN's Wolf Blitzer

2. Receiving line gets bogged down; Queen very nervous when approaching the President, not knowing how to address him- As Uniter, The Decider, or The Commander Guy

1. Queen shows up, toting an autographed copy of George Tenet's book

Wonder if the Queen is getting in on the action and placing a bet on when Paul Wolfowitz will resign?

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