Friday, June 15, 2007

Retro Garlic ... James Kilts and the Procter & Gamble - Gillette Merger

It's another installment of Retro Garlic tonight, thanks to 'The Boston Globe' Business Columnist, Steve Bailey, and is witty and biting review of former Gillette CEO James Kilts' new book, "Doing What Matters"

Steve Bailey's Writes the King

Bailey kicks it off with;

"And you thought King Kilts, who pocketed $165 million in the sale of Gillette Co. to Procter & Gamble Co., was the big winner in that epic Boston mega-deal. Not so, says the King.

"Employees would be perhaps the biggest beneficiaries," the King writes in his coming self-congratulatory book on how you too can turn around, sell off, and get rich on a global icon, all in five years. It's yours in hardback, if you can stomach it, for $27.50 this fall."

As to the Retro part of this ... This came in the early weeks of The Garlic's launch, back in February 2005 ...

Kilts, Gillette Board Vote For All Profits


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