Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chinese Surname Problem Equals Golden Career Op For Bush - Name Czar

Much as we did last week, assisting the Vice President with building his team, The Garlic sees another career development opportunity in the news today, this one for The Uniter/The Decider/The Commander Guy himself.

It could go towards one of those late term diplomatic moves that gets hailed as a visionary thing by the historians, and we all know that the Bush Grindhouse desperately wants something to latch on to for a legacy.

This was in the news today;

Chinese surname shortage sparks rethink

And there was this caveat;

"The survey found 92 million people shared the surname Li, while 88 million were called Zhang. A further seven surnames -- including Chen, Zhou and Lin -- are held by at least 20 million Chinese.

Another report by the Chinese Academy of Sciences found at least 100,000 people share China's most popular name, Wang Tao."
Yeah! ... For the guy that loves to come up with new names, and to speak in a langague of one of his former careers, this is a big, fat ol' change-up pitch coming right over the middle of the plate, waiting to be one knocked out of the park.

With that name problem, it's unlikely that the Chinese have any kind of Bush Fatigue, so you're clear there.

Forget about Iraq ... Drop the Immigration charade ...

Here it is Georgie ... Appoint yourself as the new "Name Czar"

Fire up The Google ... Put that famous "Ek-A-Lec-Tic" Reading List to use ... Set yourself down with pen and paper and have at it ... When your finished, you can have that super diplomat of yours - Condi Girl - dash off to Beijing with the list and then you just sit back, let the legacy - and the library - build itself.

You're biggest worries now will be whether to have Michael Becshloss or Douglas Brinkley write the hosanna.


Move Over, Hoover

Garlictorial: The 4th Anniversary, Or "How I Invaded and Occupied Iraq and All I Got Were These Lousy Iranian Bombs"

Name Czar ... Yeah, we got a name for you, all right ...

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