Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Introducing The Reaction!

Good Morning Garlic Fans

We have news, of sorts, to relay to you and it's pretty good (well, I certainly think so).

Michael Stickings, founder and chief writer of the blog north of the border, The Reaction, has invited yours truly to join his ranks as a guest blogger.

The Reaction says it is "A liberal blog on politics, philosophy, and culture -- sustained by Socratic pretensions, Straussian undertones, and an Arnoldian dedication to human excellence."

What that boils down to is that The Reaction is one, kick-ass blog.

On any given day, Stickings, along with the co-and-guest bloggers, including Libbby Spencer, Capt. Fogg and Edward Copeland (who has a killer film blog of his own) can be informative, ranting, silly, thoughtful, musing, prescient, or just downright raging.

It could be riffing on current events, highlighting the evil of The Commander Guy, despairing over Darfur, entertaining, with illuminating posts, such as the reoccurring "Signs of the Apocalypse" and "Just another day in the life and death of Iraq".

Even without the conflict-of-interest status as a guest blogger, I strongly recommend that you bookmark The Reaction and add it to your daily or weekly reading.

You won't be disappointed.


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