Monday, August 27, 2007

"He aggressively and successfully pursued public corruption ..."

Darn it!

I was all set to write an analogy of the Crony General's resignation using a baseball motif.

"Tell them I'm through, "for love of the game"
Billy Chapel, from the movie "For The Love of the Game"

I intended to point out how, as he fleeced the city of Arlington, Texas, for a new baseball stadium, The Uniter Guy, in his oil man/baseball owner days, should have spent more time learning the game.

Not that the Crony General wasn't pitching a perfect game ... Perfectly abysmal, that is.

The Commander Guy might have picked up that you don't leave your starting pitcher in there, when he's being hit like it's batting practice.

But, then I went and read "President Bush Discusses Resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales" (h/t Barry Crimmins) and one line jumped out;

"He aggressively and successfully pursued public corruption ..."

Boy, did he ... With flying colors!

Take your pick ... His bedpan voyeurism of badgering the sick, doped-up Kaiser Ashcroft ... Torture ... Wiretapping ... The firing of the U.S. Attorneys ... Painting the walls of the Injustice Department RNC Red and personally altering - like Nathan Detroit and a racetrack tote board - the work-placement averages of the Pat Robertson Law School...

And there was the other angle, of the Bush Grindhouse continuing to stagger like a freshman nerd taking his first swigs out of the brown-bottled GIQ.

Firing, excuse me, "reluctantly accepted his resignation", the Crony General on the Monday before the Labor Day weekend?

Anybody left in the Grindhouse that knows how to read a calendar?

A Friday Dump on this one, man, the havoc that would have caused ... MSNBC probably wouldn't have it until Tuesday, not wanting to muck with their mega-holiday-Doc-Blocs

So, why would they pull the plug on the Crony General on a Monday?

As we did when the Blossom Turd pulled his smear-laden tent up and left town, what needed to be buried this week ...
It wasn't just happenstance that the Crony General suddenly "recalled" he best get his ass out of the frying pan (but with Congress insisting he keep in under the heat lamp) ...

Two things will dominate the news this week;

The Crony General, from the scandals, to the swappin' spit-brotherly love stories of him and The Decider Guy

And, who will replace the Crony General ... Who will be Crony General No. 2?

While it is fanciful to talk about "putting standards" on the nominee, and how the next Crony General will have to "uphold the rule-of- law first", let's get real.

With the list of potentially-indictable crimes hanging over their heads, the next one will be lamer that Gonzales.

I just have a gut feeling about it.

"Mr. Chertoff... They're cuing you ... "

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