Sunday, September 02, 2007

Katie ... Now, Just Click Your Heels Together Three Times ...

When I first saw the post, I had to do a double-take ... Katie Couric is with CBS now, right?

Yet there it was, the intrepid anchor of the CBS Evening News, rambling on in her 'Couric & Co.' blog of her trip to Baghdad ("Greetings From Baghdad") that played out like a cue-in from a commercial on her old 'Today Show' for an intro to "Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?"

And ever the digging journalist our little Katie is, she cuts to heart of where she intends to find her scoop ... To put her finger on the pulse of what's going down in Iraq;

"I'm anxious to talk to General Petraeus, to other top military brass, to some of the soldiers, and to Ambassador Crocker to get a better handle on the political situation."
And, Walla, here it is today - "Measuring The Road Ahead" - that reads as if General David Petraeus was whispering the words in her ear ...

She could have saved CBS the budget, sitting in front of a green screen and reading reports out of the Bush Grindhouse, especially after this;

Think Progress: Couric Admits Her Rosy Report From Iraq Is Based On ‘What The U.S. Military Wants Me To See’

Fear not Katie ... Though, you missed it this go-around, another chair on "The View" is likely to open up soon ... Or, you can always follow Dennis Miller, over to the Game Show Network ...

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